Flying Marc and Misha around

Hello everyone and welcome !

This story is not real :)

Yesterday, Misha and Marc called me and asked if I‘m able to fly them to Istanbul from Sydney.
I agreed and they arrived at the 787-8 of the IF Team. After they stored their luggage and fastend their seatbelt, we were ready !

Flight information

• Route: YSSY - LTFM
• Aircraft: 787-8 IF livery
• Callsign: Infinite Flight 1
• Duration: 17h 24mins

Misha and Marc storing their luggage. Still in parking position…

And yes, the pics are a bit dark but I didn‘t want to change the time :

After pushback and taxi clearance, we had to wait 40mins due to heavy traffic 🕘

Finally ! We took of after waiting so long 🛫

Beautiful sunrise over Australia meanwhile they‘re sleeping lol

The 787 cockpit is sexyy 🔥

On final ! Misha and Marc are excited if I butter :))

After 17h 24mins we landed ! Bouncy landing due to the crosswind but still ok :)

cough cough with gear tilt I would have buttered for sure

In parking position again :) M & M took their stuff and enter Istanbul Airport :)

Yep ! This was the trip :) I think they‘re currently chilling in the streets of Istanbul ! And I‘m waiting until they‘re calling me again ✈️

Ok, don‘t take it too serious, it‘s just a little joke :)
Now, the question is: @Marc @MishaCamp have you ever been to Sydney or Istanbul ? Would be quite interesting :)

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