Flying Magazine Article about the TBM930

So I’m super hyped about our new TBM930. In the interest of getting mucho info (tanta informação in mom’s language) on the TBM930 to simulate IRL flight profiles I found this article.

My question is, when they talk about the 323 ktas speeds of the aircraft would that be the GS speeds in game or the indicated air speed on the HUD. I can never remember.

If I win the lottery it’ll be this or the PC12 or a Cessna Denali LoL but at 4 million plus, if anyone wants to go in on joint ownership I’ll probably need help with maintenance, fuel and hanger costs ;)


Seems like a great article. Thanks for sharing!

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I love the internet lol, when I was a kid I had to go to the store and buy the Magazine lol, or at the very least pull off the rack to read while waiting for a haircut :)

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