Flying LPPT - HAAB be like

As usual, came late from work but before goinh to sleep, let’s put an airplane in the air! I love starting my days with a good landing and a history to tell :D

Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Livery: Ethiopian Airlines
Callsign: Ethiopian 723
Route: Lisbon Humberto - Bole Intl
Flight time: 6h32
Server: Expert

Blasting out the rwy!😗

That’s (really) approximately the view from my house if was at the kitchen’s window! 😂

Flying above the Aerodrome of Alverca. Neighbours of mine! 😁

Leaving both Lisbon (far rwy lights) and Montijo’s (nearest rwy lights) airports! :’)

Well… let the flight plan take me there

Hey!? Why are you there lil mountain? I can’t move you from there and climbing is risky…
Playtime’s over: AP OFF!

Heyo lil mountain!? I won!!! 😁

Just a few centimeters, hold tight!!!

Great! Nice one! I might do this again!!

Thanks for seeing this until here! :D


Hello. Pls follow #screenshots-and-videos rule.

Thank you fella!!! :D

Great pictures!

Hahaha! Loved that you’ve added a little humour into it 😉

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Hehehe life… it’s serious enough!
Thank you!😁

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Loved the angle of this photo, Amazing shots!

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The Ethiopian logo is probably the most beautiful logo of all airlines out there… I honestly like it so much, that I tried recreating it, and put one of your pictures in the background (hope that’s ok)

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Thanks man! I really appreciate that! :D

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All photos I may post here are to be taken by everyone who wants and edited how you want!!!
I liked that one, I’ll take it! :D

You’re more than right in that… Ethiopian logo is simple and has the perfect colors!!!

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