Flying long haul then this happened

I was flying long haul From Moscow to Vegas with a 773ER Aeroflot and then when I woke up my screen was black and my phone was off does anyone know what could’ve happened because if it crashed or it heated I put the lowest setting and possible so idk if it really heated could it have crashed? Or my phone magically turned off by itself I was also charging it while flying it may so it have overheated when I went back to replay I didn’t see it crash it stopped in the middle of the air

Make sure your phone doesn’t have sleep mode on, where it automatically turns off your screen after a certain amount of time.

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Y’know, this sorta thing happens once in a while, it may be a one off thing, it mightn’t be a huge problem. Ideas are that the game crashed due to low memory on device or overheated?


Is that auto lock cuz I have it at never where do I turn it off and @dylonez I have 128GIG as used about 30 of it so I have plenty of space

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What device are you using?

I have an IPhone 7

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You say your phone was off… This refers to a potential couple of different scenarios. Was the screen just black but still on? Was the phone still on but had just gone to sleep? Was the phone completely off, in a blank state?

Change your Auto-Lock setting to Never when in flights so it doesn’t turn off during flights.

Yea it was off not like off like you gotta hold the power button when you turn it on again but it was just off Before I went to sleep i powered it down to low brightness and from there idk what happened

Already done it long time ago

When you turned your phone back on, was the game paused?

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No I was in the lock screen and I had to type in my password when I typed it in I was on the apps menu and and when I tried getting on OF because I saw it was still in the backround apps thing it restarted i saw I was still up in the air but when I tried getting on in it restarted btw thank you for the answers and help :)

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Then the game could’ve crashed for unknown reasons if you opened it back up, and you were at the main page.

Did you have any missed calls? As those could pause the game when someone is calling.

No I didn’t have any calls this happens like everyone once in a while I long haul even though everything’s on low settings low brightness so maybe overheat? Or crashed and Never usually crash in IF ever probably like a 3-4 times of 5 years of gameplay but it’s weird overheating on lowest settings I had it under my pillow so maybe that’s why? The heat couldn’t get out and there wasn’t cold air around out so possible overheat

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Overheating could be an issue.

Make sure to clear your scenery cache often, and game cache.
If the phone was overheating, your iPhone probably closed the app, then putting the phone in sleep to prevent it overheating.

Enabling the in-game battery saver reduces almost all overheating when flying.

  1. What does your replay show? Does it just end of did you crash?

  2. I have seen this happen where you may have been plugged in but the screen was too bright or something and you were using power faster than it was charging. At some point in the middle of the night the device either turned off or did something else to end the flight.

  3. Could have been something else that caused the app to end. Overheating, app issue, os issue, os update, etc.

We need to know what does “a black screen” mean. Was it the paused screen? Was the app closed and you were back at the phone home menu? etc?

There is really no 100% way to tell exactly what happened so most everything will be speculation.

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So before I went to sleep I put everything on lowest settings I was at about 30% Battery so I plugged in my charger and then lowered my brightness to lowest I put the phone aside me while sleeping then when I woke up it was off not fully off where you had to hold the power button to turn it on. I turn it on and put on my passcode when I open it I’m in the app menu I go to my apps and IF is still there I click it looked like it was still flying so I clicked but when I click it just restarts . And also i went to check replay but when I check I was over Greenland when it stopped I was in the air I have an IPhone 7 IOS 12.2 and I have over 90 gigs left

Your best bet is to see if it happens again or a one off event. There’s really no way to know for sure what happened.

What did your flight replay look like?

It was fine I took off from Moscow and was heading to Vegas and in the middle of Greenland that’s when the flight pauses I was still 36,000FT up in the air Wen it stopped I didn’t crash to the ground or anything

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It may have been because you had not done the following things:

IOS: Go to your iPad Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock. Set Auto-Lock to “Never”. This will keep your screen awake, but still respect your screen dimming settings . If you want to prevent people from changing the app on screen , you’ll need to turn on Guided Access mode next.

Android: Go to the Settings > Display . In this menu, you’ll find a Screen timeout or Sleep setting. Tapping this will allow you to change the time it takes your phone to go to sleep. Select the timeout option that you’d like, and you’re done.

Hopefully this will help you out :)