Flying Lessons

I’m 14 and I want to start flying, I have done for ages and I think its the right time,

I found this near my local airport

And I will be flying for 40mins

I just thought I would post this because I want to know something

Is that a good price for flying lessons

And after going through all the training would it be worth it,

Also, is there any tips some real pilots can give me that will make me stand out above other students?

If u want cheap prices im joining air cadets. It might be a different in the UK than Australia. I’m starting soon


Aha yeah, I joined army cadets first though so that’s not a option

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Hard to compare prices, as it may be very different by area (Cardiff may be more expensive than Derby where I have lessons) but I pay £134/hour for a Cessna 152 (2 seater) or £155 for a Piper Warrior - I’ve been up in both, and whilst the 4 seater feels more robust, the 2 seater is a simpler machine and personally prefer it (marginally) due to the better views etc (just personal preference).

So I guess yours is slightly more expensive, but my advice would be to first look at how many airfields are near you within a reasonable distance, then compare prices :) (I’d be surprised if there were many to have to compare). I know around me there are only really 3 airfields within a reasonable distance - which covers Tatenhill where I learn to Barton in Manchester (which has a couple of companies).

Worth taking the time, as even a small price difference x 45-55 hours (to take your PPL) will result in a fair bit of money. Also, just as important is finding an instructor you like - you dont want to change mid way through if you can help it :) - so a taster will probably give you a feel for the place so you can make a decision from there :)