Flying LAX to Doha @ 35K overflying ZUR. Center vectors me to 19k? Why?

The other day my son and I had a long haul flight from Lax to Doha and an event came on a Zurich and Reims Center issued instructions to us while cruising at 35k to descend to 19k and slow to M.82.

I’m been a grade 5 pilot since IF global started and been a IF pilot since the very beginning.

Please help me to understand why a controller would do this and when I politely remind him about radar vectors to Doha he said he would report us if we didn’t comply.

I’m a single digit violation pilot, so instead of risking a violation we ended the flight.

Can anyone explain the controller’s rationale or what I could have done differently to complete the flight, I know I could have vectored and descend to the given altitude, but what else???

Any answers are appreciated… Thanks HeavyJeff

  1. Did you request radar vectors to Doha?
  2. In cruise, did ATC instruct you to decend?

Yes, during cruising at 35K ATC requested descent and vectored us in a north direction, I then explained to him we were going to Doha upon radar and he told us that we needed to comply or be reported, so I ended the flight…

This sort of altitude change is not something expected. I would gather that the controller had thought you were attempting to land at Zurich by mistake. You could always find the name of the controller in the replay and message the controller to see what their reasoning was. It’s unfortunate you had to end the flight, that shouldn’t have happened to you.

Was this in the center or approach frequency?

I would recommend reaching out to the controller via DMs and have them explain.

Reims Center…

I am sure there was probable reason. As like others have said, PM the controller.

I probably should, but I’ll live to fly another day…no big deal, I just wanted to know something had changed and control could order you towards the ground… haha 😂. I thought next they would scramble some F-18s… hahaha


Interestingly my first violation was in Zurich and I got another violation on tower in approach to Zurich so I just try to stay away from Zurich because I get violations only in Zurich 🤦‍♂️

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