Flying Kenmore Air

Trying out one of C208 airlines with kenmore into airports I haven’t been to as it’s between Seattle and Vancouver Canada


Cessna 208 Caravan

Flying out with no Important Cargo! (Even though I had 5 Pax on Board

Climbing though Washington’s faraway mountains


Descending and turning on final into Orcas Island

Smooth landed No Butter

Climbing back to the skies again

It’s getting foggy in here

Here I Come

Here we are finishing our hop journey

So have you flown this airline before?


Cool pictures! The C208 is so wonderful:)

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Yep and still flyable even though it needs a soft rework

Also Kenmore is based on Kenmore Lake and Hub around Boeing field and goes to small destinations over Washington

I love the C208, I caught a few rides on one in Belize on an Airline called Tropic Air. It’s my favorite GA plane in-game. Excellent Pictures!

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I used to fly Tropic air flights with the c208 since the livery is not in the game so I island hop like around 4 then returns to Belize which took almost an hour

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I’ve always wanted to fly the 208 in real life. Not many opportunities to though.

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maybe later when the pandemic is over

If you get the chance, fly one with a skydive door in the back. It’s so much more awesome when flying with the door open

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Yeah but I feel like I’d need to sky dive in order to do that, and I’ve got no intention of ever jumping out a plane 😅😂

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Neither did I ;)


I would basically like to do skydiving but im like too young to do it (Im only 14)