Flying jump-seat to Geneva

After a year of working at my airline, I was given the opportunity to fly jump seat and last Saturday I flew down to Geneva and back with the flight deck. Below are some pictures I took from the flights. If you also have any question drop them down below.


And how come i can’t??!
Edit: Nvm, I just saw that you worked for the airline


😂😂 was wondering the same thing

Are you a pilot for Jet2Holiday?

Why don’t you just become a pilot with them

I am a flight dispatcher

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It’s not really as easy as it may seem. I like my current role as a flight dispatcher and hope to move up within flight operations.

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Wow!, looks like it was a beautiful flight! Hope you enjoyed it and that you can move up to flight ops soon!

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Nice so you don’t fly planes right?

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Yep, I work as a flight dispatcher.

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Oh that’s really cool!!!


Very Nice Scenery.

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Approach into Venice was very spectacular. Coming back to the UK not as much but it was nice to see the view above the clouds on a typical gloomy Saturday.

View above the UK

Very Relaxing!

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