Flying is still the safest way to travel

Although this article is created in 2013 but still it is the safest way to travel now in 2016

there are car accidents every day but no plane crash every day

Travel Safely :)


Car Accident chance is still bigger than Planes. Remember, you are 22 times more likely to die in a car accident on the way to the airport than in a plane crash.


Ummmm. Did anyone notice the second article. Stop scrolling after they talk about what we think about when we think of air travel


Car accidents are more frequently in Panama than air crashes, in average, there is 1 or 2 airplane incidents by year, can be a commercial flight in distress or a private plane who lands in an airport by emergency. Also, car crash is the second cause of death in Panama after heart failure (always by excess of speed and also intoxication by alcoholic drinks)

Yup, It’s same here on my country. And like @Qantas_ryan said before…

However their is everyday a aircraft (plane non commercial and commercial) that suffers from a type of malfunction. This often leads to the aircraft to return or to land at a alternative airport.

For safety indeed

That’s because cars… well they can be driven by reckless people but planes… nah uh… Planes are maintained by great technicians and planes are flown by great pilots (unless it happens to be SLK185)

Yea he is but ugh suicidal together with the whole plane… It’s just irresponsible even though he may be a RSAF pilot

Sorry, I deleted the first one 😅. I didn’t read it correctly
(Note : SLK185 crash report is still disputed by Indonesians Authorities)

Oh, and don’t forget 4U9525 case

Please remember statistics show that when 5 people have already died in a commercial flight the survival chance is only 27%

I can tell you that here in Cali we will get many upon many car crashes. Reason Drunk drivers. Also here we get some GA aircraft crashes too. Not so many commercial aircraft crashes.

Except If they’re poisoned or being shot by someone on the flight

Excluding that I suppose. But then it’s 27%survival but an “accident” has a around 5% chance so at least you most likely would be alive

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