Flying into the sunset - Toronto YYZ to Chicago ORD in American A320

Hello everyone, this is my first screenshots post. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave some comments!

Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route

American 3236
Toronto YYZ to Chicago ORD
Expert Server


At gate B12 in Terminal 3 at Toronto Lester B. Pearson Airport in Mississauga, ON, Canada.

This was part of a Toronto Fly-out event hosted by @Pajd02 .

Taxiing out to runway 06L (notice that all the aircraft are Star Alliance from Terminal 1, I probably should have went to 05) with a British Airways taking off of runway 33R.

Waiting in line at runway 06L with Lufthansa A350 about to take off.

Holding short of the runway!

Taking off runway 06L

Flying over Pearson Airport after taking off tracking west towards Chicago

Photo 8 was deleted to comply with IFC regulation…

Headed over the Great Lakes

Approaching Chicago over Lake Michigan

Arrival into Chicago with Koreanair 747 taking off in the background

Hope you enjoyed. Fun fact for the post: Did you know Infinite Flight Screenshots add metadata for the exact location of the screenshot!

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Thanks for coming to the event! It was awesome

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no problem it was a blast. it was gorgeous and i loved flying out of my home airport!

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Cool photos!

Just remember the maximum amount of photos in a post to #screenshots-and-videos is 10 photos, and are one over the limit.

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Great pictures just remove one as said here :)

Maximum is 10

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Great photos, seems like it was a really fun event!

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@Jack_Q @Luke_King-kong I miss counted oops. Should I remove one of them?

@Butter_Boi thank you! it was a great event!

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If you don’t this topic will be closed so yes


ok done. not sure what to do about the poll now tho…

Just ignore it, haha!

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i just put a deleted note so no one votes incorrectly! hopefully at least.

LOL, I remember this event I am the Lufthansa A350

Leading the pact haha. I have a few photos of your plane in my camera roll 😉

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