Flying into the New Year

Hello everyone! Like most pilots, I decided to do a flight into the New Year which involved me departing in 2023 and landing in 2024. Here are some photos from my flight into the new year.

Server: Expert
Route: KLAX → EFHK
Aircraft: A350-900

Parked at the gate, loading everyone up

Takeoff on 24L, last departure of the year!

Climbing over the Malibu coast

Now at cruising, playing some games

Approaching the Norwegian coast

On approach into Helsinki

Very nice landing, as always :D

Welcome to Helsinki, and 2024!

Thanks for viewing, and Happy New Year!


Cool! How can you play that games in the A350? I have tried a lot of times, but I couldn’t.

You need to be at or above FL420

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yeah, how?

Thanks mate

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do you do any thing else?