Flying Into The New Year!

Flight 1837 from 2021 to 2022!
Route: CYLW to TNCM
Callsign: Air Canada 1837
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200-LR
Flight Time: 7hrs 23mins


Sorry some of the pics are out of order, I’m tired :)

Please only post your best photos, making sure all HUD views, sidebars and display names and boxes are hidden

Nice shots! Love the Sunset ones! Just remember what @VibrantPixel said about the rules

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Right, sorry

you may hide the hud and retake your photo by following this instruction
click profile > Online after that checklist this :

Hide Airplane Names ✓
Hide Airplane Dots ✓

if you have replay hud you may hold your finger on the same spot and wait until the replay hud gone

if you want to revert it back just follow above instruction

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I’ll delete this post, and repost it tomorrow with the correct format. Thank you, and I’m sorry for breaking the rules, it won’t happen again.

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How do I delete?

you can just edit the post

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Okay thanks