Flying Into the New Year! @KORD - 311400ZDEC18

Hello all! I have been thinking of making an event like this for a certain holiday for quite some time now. This event will take us right over Times Square where the ball will drop IRL a few hours after this flight. We will be landing at KLGA. I hope we can get a good amount of people because group flights really are the best!

Server: Training

Airport: KORD

Time: 1400Z

NOTAM: *Please spawn in at least 10 minutes before the event in a United a320 or 738. Please copy my flightplan (IFAEGAF- ewr_spotter). take off and immediately go to 240 KIAS. After reaching 10,000 feet we will speed up to 320KIAS. Cruise will be at 34,000 Feet and we will cruise at M 0.85.

Gate C09: @Jackson_Kaiman
Gate C11: @Cleveland.spotter (IG)
Gate C15: @cbrooks531
Gate C17: @Josh_Kelly1
Gate C19:
Gate C23: @Michael_Czyz
Gate C27:
Gate C29: @Tnel
Gate B03: @Aviator10
Gate B04: @Aviation-21
Gate B05:
Gate B06:
Gate B07:
Gate B08:
Gate B09:
Gate B10:
Gate B11:
Gate B12:
Gate B13:
Gate B14:
Gate B15: @AviationAlex
More Gates will be added as needed!

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You go to the map and click on the plane that says my name and hen click copy fpl. You are added! Thanks for joining!


Why is the cruise speed M0.85??? For the A320 and 737 you would realistically fly at M0.78/0.79! If you fly at 34000ft @M0.85 in the A320/737 in Infinite Flight you will get overspeed violations!


I will change that now. Sorry about that.

So people who have to go to parties can go out. LOL

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British Airways Boeing 777-300ER. Please may I have a gate can I have BO15

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Laguardia can’t hold 777-300ER’s. Sorry, Ill still put you at the gate though!

What is the biggest it can hold sorry can I have c15 I ment I accidentally got letters mixed up

757 or 767 but 767 needs a remote stand.

Hmmmm Im tempted with the 67 but nah can I have a Boeing 757

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I would love to join count me in😀

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Ill take gate C15

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Still have plenty of gates! All are allowed to join!

Would Anyone Else Like To Join? We Still Have many gates left!

Let’s bump this up, I’ll take C29, AVIGAMIN

Thanks so Much! C29 It is!

Gate B04 please

B04 It Is! have a nice day!

Gate C17 and can I fly American 737 with the retro skin

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c17 it is! Also you can fly that livery!