Flying into the atc tower

Can the controller see the aircraft flying into their view lol this is a stupid question ik i just curious lol (to my VA ceo seeing this i promise i fly professionally lol)

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Hello, yes aircraft can technically fly into the tower, from the controllers point view, yes, they will see the plane coming if they have their camera enabled

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lmao i also need to know this

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Yes, we can see aircraft if they fly into the tower if the Tower or the Tower/High camera is enabled. Although they’d be likely to disappear very quickly because they’d be given an immediate Level 3 violation…

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ohh lol but b4 they can do that they will prob get kicked XD

Yes you can see it

In solo mode, at 3D airports, I did flew through the ATC tower, then switched the cam view to ATC, and watched my plane going through Tower

Also, I used F22 to fly through ATC tower at ~1200 Kts in Solo mode :)

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do it on the training server

^ nope, casual or solo only for tomfoolery like this😂


Are you guys trying to recreate that fateful day? 😒😒😒

No, they were simply asking about something in Infinite Flight because of curiosity

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