Flying into SoCal region from JFK today, wants escort

I want to know this, as I really wanna do a long flight in my new 767.

They just keep going out of the region- but when you arrive you won’t see anything except other planes, so you need an escort to guide you in and show you where the runway is.

But how do you know which way to go?

They use an online website called

Thank you. So if I was to do this I would need to be on live?

No not at all, they should just come over to this post and provide advice.

OK. Not got live at the moment so that is good news for me. Coz I have no live will it track me on that tracking app or will I be like a ghost plane (MH370) ???

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You simply fly out of the reigon I have been told. Although you may need an escort as when you fly out everything becomes white.

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Nah, dont think you see the land or airport but you do see other aircraft (thats it). Dunno about the ATC, but its probz like normal ATC.

Sorry I should have said you need live for that site as it shows all aircraft currently online.

When you enter the region, all that happens is that you can fly though the mountains, but just for you and all visitors, it’s sea level ground the whole time you’re outside your original region.

Ah ok. Cheers bruv!

I know. I was so confused at this one time. Then a week from today I finally figured it out from the community.

i have a question and i need to know quick . im going to go from CLT to LAX but i don understand do i need to set everything to auto pilot ,altitude,and airspeed? do i pause the game and have everything on auto pilot even airspeed and let it fly by itself or do i need to hold the throttle while its paused

In case you didn’t realize this topic is fifteen months old, (over a year). None of the tricks discussed here will work anymore, because when Global comes out, no pausing will be needed to fly from Charlotte to LA. Or from anywhere to anywhere.

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