Flying into SoCal region from JFK today, wants escort

I’m going to be taking a risk into flying my Boeing 777-200ER Alitalia plane from JFK to LAX, but might need an escort on Free Flight Server. I should make it near the airport in between 14:00 and 14:30 New York time (11:00 and 11:30 Los Angeles time). You can track my flight on, it’ll be easy to find, if one wants to escort me into a runway. I’m going to leave in 30 minutes. Contact me if you are kind enough to help me, then please check frequently for updates and where to meet me. Thanks for your convenience. My callsign is N52MX.

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Why is this a risk exactly?

You are not going to see anything in the New York region all you will see is other planes but bareley anyone uses that region. And it will take about six hours

Sorry, I had so much trouble getting into my account that I made an account to type on when flying. So, I took off, but I’m moving pretty quickly and in a straight line.

I might make it sooner than planned. If anybody is ready to escort by San Diego (estimate) at any moment for the next 2-4 hours, please just tell.

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I can escort you now, but I may suddenly leave if were unlucky ;)

I’m already almost out of West Virginia, and I’ve sped up to like 680 kts, over the speed of sound, so you can’t hear me until I pass by. I might make it quicker than a regular NY-LA flight.

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I’ve been flying for almost fifty minutes, but I’ve already flown a little over 400 miles. It’s 2,144 miles to LA from NYC, so do the math to find out if you’ll be available.

So about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I’m gonna try to wait until I get closer before I make too many more replies, so use to track me, just remember.

I was wondering how you fly out of a region. Whenever I try it, my throttle is automatically pulled back. Are you manually holding the throttle all the way to KLAX

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Just set the throttle and pause the game, and it stays where you put it! :) ;)

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I’ve just gotten all the regions and read about it, so that’s how. I’m at the border of Missouri and Arkansas, and I’ve been flying for 80 minutes and flew 745 NM. Please just tell me if you’ll be available at any second after the next hour or so.

I’m almost halfway there. I’ve been flying for almost two hours and have flown 1,000 miles.

I’m passing through the northern end of Texas. Just an hour or so before I come close. About @BBJMAX , I’m getting close. Are you available?

Unfortunately not right now… :(

Sorry! Can anyone else help him?

Once I go a little further I might mention one of the names of fliers.

Now I’m in the region, and @Rotate is near.

Where was my escort? Oh well, enough, I didn’t care, I landed safely, underneath LAX.

Alright then, I’m back to my actual account.

It is actually around 2,800 miles

when and where are you doing it…might tag along