Flying into honolulu

hi IFC,
do just now i am flying into honolulu from kona and i was able to contact honolulu centre approach 150nm out i was a bit confused because i have flown into honolulu before and i was never able to contact them this early so i checked in but then he just vectored me so i wouldn’t colide with a plane and than told me to leave his frequency is this the new centre (i don’t think 20.1 has released yet) or is this just a glitch?
thanks marcus

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You should be contacting Approach at 50 nm out and at or below 18,000 feet.

but usually you can only contact them earliest 70nm out but i could contact them 150nm out and i was told by atc to contact them anyway which was the first confusion

So, you’re saying you were handed off to Honolulu Approach by another controller at 150nm away?

by kona tower yes

Did you get handed off by tower if they were open to approach?

yes kona had open approach and departure so maybe it was there approach and departure but it was called honolulu centre

Ok cool. Did one of those frequencies instruct you to contact Honolulu?

i actually i think it was there approach and departure because i have just contacted honolulu approach and it is called different so it must just be a glitch

There’s no way your able to contact a frequency at this time from that distance. The only way this could happen is if a frequency like Kona Departure handed you off to Honolulu as they can hand aircraft off to frequencies that are of distance.

no i think kona approach and departure is called honolulu centre that’s what i thought as well

Ok yes, it is just the name of the freq. I can see why that can be confusing. Enjoy paradise! 🏝

Hello, I was your approach controller. You ended up calling into PHNL approach. I remember your name. Believe me I was just as confused. Glad everything worked out though


sorry for being a bit confused as well enjoy controlling (:

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