Flying Into Controlled Airports Above 10,000 Feet

Flying Into Airports Above 10,000 Feet | What To Do

Are you flying into an airport above 10,000 feet? Awesome, this topic is for you!

Just because the aiport is above 10,000 feet and you can fly faster than the usual 250kts speed restriciton below 10,000 feet doesn’t mean you should.

I was controlling earlier today, and aircraft where calling in on downwind or as they where entering downwind going in excess of 300+ knots. This isn’t acceptable especially when the airspace is busy and there is other aircraft in the pattern. You need to be considerate of the aircraft and fellow pilots around you.

For example, if you are sequenced number 4 in the traffic pattern then that means that there is 3 aircraft ahead of you. If they are all flying at a reasonable downwind speed of around 200 knots (give or take) and you are blasting along at 300+ knots, it doesn’t help anyone.

Just slow down and have patience. We will get you in for landing as soon as we possibly can.

Moral of the story… just because the airport elevation is above 10,000 feet doesn’t mean like you have to go like James Bond on a top secret mission, blasting through the airspace. Easy back and take in the scenery.


General rule of thumb I go by is 250kts below 10k agl. So basically if the airport is at 10k I’d go 250kts until 20k.


Yeah, that’s perfect mate and a great rule of thumb to follow. Certainly recommend others to follow that.


The only time I’d go that speed at that low altitude is if there was nobody at the airport other than that the pilots need to follow general rules and have some respect to other pilots in the area and IFATC because they do an already hard job

Even on the Expert Server with no one around you still always want to act professional and fly at an appropriate speed.

If you’re interested in blasting into airports like you are the MI5 or James Bond then Casual Server is your best option. Helps you avoid violations also.


You never know who is in the MI5. Notes for next time thanks 😁

No worries mate, happy flying!

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Totally agree with the above, had loads of speeders last night 400 kts plus, abit of common sense would be good even after being told to reduce speed

Advise to everyone. At high altitudes, use AGL altitudes as your speed benchmark as it is easy to stabilise at <250 IAS compared to 300 kts.

Yeah, in truth all it really does come down to in the long run is common sense and some consideration towards other pilots.

One thing I only do is to use a long time to make a real Approach with charts so it is professional without ATC.

Yeah that’s perfect mate. Using charts is always an awesome way to go. Enhances realism and the enjoyment of the flight.

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😂😂😂 Seriously though, this topic is really needed.

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Thanks mate, I appreciate that.

‘James Bond, flying through an airspace at 1,000 knots weaving and dodging all the other airplanes coming to a cinema near you Summer 2020’.


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