Flying into 22.2

I wanted to start by saying that 22.2 is absolutely amazing and is my favorite update after 21.1 when 3D buildings and clouds were introduced. Here are a few shots I took at various places highlighting the new airports in 22.2 which are amazing to fly into!

Expert Server - Solo

Ethiad 77W at AUH

Awesome ATC tower at AUH

Avelo 737-8 on final at Bob Hope airport


The Abu Dhabi tower is just something else 😍


Woaaa I didn’t realize that the tower at Abu Dhabi looked that cool!

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Great shots! The last shot at Burbank is awesome, glad to see BUR in 3d!

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Stunning pics! Thanks for the share 🙌


Yeah the pushback cars are amazing 😍


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I love the pushback tugs 😍😍😍