Flying infinite flight in flight

Hello! Tomorrow I fly to Atlanta via Delta, and, my plan is to connect to their wifi and do the entire flight real time! Do you think that this will be possible?

I look forward to hearing from everyone.


I have always wanted to do something like that.

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I always wanted to do this

The flight attendants will get suspicious 😆.

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From my experience IF is usually 20 minutes faster so most likely not In real time but I mean to do it it will be fun!

You can certainly try, but I wouldn’t plan on getting too far. Airplane WiFi is already terrible because everyone’s trying to connect to it for various reasons, and a game as WiFi-intense like Infinite Flight is only going to worsen the problem if you’re even able to load in in the first place.

Now, if you happen to hit the jackpot and get a fairly empty flight, then you might be able to get somewhere.

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Good luck for you

It’s certenly possible. I saw a guy that did this in a TBM-930(can’t find the video).

Let’s hope it doen’t crash the plane🤣

Probably important to note (I could be wrong):

I think Delta activates their in-flight Wi-Fi after you get above 10,000ft. So you might have issues getting your flight completed in time, but it’s a neat idea!

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That’s a really imaginative question full of creativity and I hope it’s a yes you can do that just so I can copy the flight plan and chase you all the way to Atlanta

Wait a min……did you just say above 10,000ft then how am I gonna keep up?..…Noooooooooo……lol

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Good luck! I wanted to do this on my recent Delta 757-200 from ATL-MSP, but the Wi-Fi was down the whole flight! I hope it works out for you!

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You could do it it in solo and adjust speed up the time later.

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Hey from atlanta and it went wonderfully!!! IRL flight time was 7hrs and 8 mins and IF flight time was 6hrs and 56 mins! Had to do it on solo as i knew the wifi wouldnt hold out for online but still was a load of fun! Only minor complication was when the chargers broke out so needed to find a new one…luckily i packed 3! I reccomend this!!

i fly delta a ton and usually the wifi is activated as soon as u get on the plane on the ground. rarely i have it where it is activated above 10k ft but it depends

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Yeah I might be wrong. Maybe it’s a delta connection thing

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