Flying in through Headwind

On some flights where I get a lot of headwind, my plane starts to loose a lot of speed and pitches upward where it will stall and crash. Anyone know good techniques or tips for avoiding stalls when encountering headwind? Thanks

Make sure your V/S isn’t very high. Climb maybe at +1700 in these cases.

If you maintain a fixed V/S in a climb then the speed will be controlled by the engine thrust. If your V/S requires too much thrust than the engines can produce then your airspeed will reduce.

If your airspeed reduces then you are reducing the V variable in the CofL equation which means your lift reduces hence, to maintain the fixed vertical speed, you need more thrust which the engines can’t produce. The only option available is to reduce the rate of climb. If you don’t then the airspeed will continue to reduce to such a point where your relative angle of attack will cause a high speed stall.

If you change the ‘relative’ speed of the aircraft, i.e. headwind or tailwind you will also affect the V variable of the CofL equation.

Ironically, flying into a headwind would normally increase your CofL (increasing the relative wind hence the V variable of the equation) and require a backing off of the thrust. Flying into a tailwind has the opposite effect and would require more thrust to maintain a fixed V/S or even to keep a fixed speed in level flight as the ‘relative’ speed of the aircraft is slower.

It seems you are encountering an aerodynamic limit when the headwind occurs which might be causing you to overspeed or, if the trim is incorrect to aerodynamically pitch up in level flight (wing shadowing over the elevator maybe?). I don’t know how the game is modeled but it doesn’t quite fit the real life situation IMHO.


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