Flying in the USA

Hey y’all, so I am wondering with this coronavirus situation, if it’s safe to fly within the US right now, i was thinking of taking a flight to BOS tomorrow morning and I was curious. Thanks!


At the moment there is not a travel advisory for any part of the US for travel within the country. Obviously airports are pretty nasty places anyways so always good to maintain healthy habits while at the airport and in the aircraft


The closest thing to the virus in BOS would be Hainan’s PEK and PVG flight. However, effective Sunday, Hainan will be forced to end flights to Boston as a new rule per the White House.

But of course, anyone could have the virus (connecting passengers from Asia), but the chances are low.

I’m going to be honest, I’m not a health professional and you probably shouldn’t listen to me, but the chances of you going to Boston and getting Coronavirus is an even lower chance than your plane crashing, and that won’t happen. Plus, the main area affected by Coronavirus is Wuhan. So the chance that someone with Coronavirus infects you on Boston is astronomically low


Viruses tend to not like cold places, as it slows down their transmission. I think you’re clear for takeoff.


lol sorry i’m flying to bos via msp for the day

Yeah you should be fine then.

All depends we’re you are going! Make sure you wash your hands! And take higher health priorities

KBOS should be fine as all flights to China form KBOS are canceled until March

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You’re more likely to get the flu and die. So…

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i’m going for the day and coming back that evening, got my flight booked and looking forward to it! thanks everyone!

With all flights going out and in through America, there’s only 7 cases. Your chances of getting Coronavirus is very slim, so you should be cleared for takeoff like @thenewpilot said.

There’s like 7 confirmed cases I think your fine.

I wouldn’t be concerned about the Coronavirus, if I were you, I’d definitely be more concerned about the flu. Try to stay healthy by washing your hands, not touching your eyes/nose with your unwashed hands, all that good stuff. Enjoy your flight!

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Again, the chances are low, but stay safe.

I mean it’s out there, wash your hands, try to wipe down the tray table, don’t pick your nose, I mean just keep acting like we all already should be since it’s cold and flu season. It’s much more likely you’ll come home with a flu or even a different strain of Corona Virus that just causes a common cold…

I’m flying on Alaska Airlines tomorrow to KSEA. I’m not worried about it. I keep good hygiene anyway, and, if I really catch it, I mean, if it’s my time, it’s my time.

But, you should be good, for the reasons mentioned above. Just remember to scream and run if someone sneezes next to you (Jk) 😂

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I’m not getting out of the house, reports have shown that it is in a city next to mine. It isn’t deadly mostly, it’s like a flu/fever/cold. Only like 15% die. Still, try and avoid it