Flying in the USA!

Hi! I’m planning a journey in the USA with my dad, and we wanted to know if there was something like a “pass” . Something like this: there is a card, and with this card I can fly in the USA, without buying all the tickets, like a prepaid card. Does something like this exist?

The simple answer is no. You’ll still need to buy a ticket for each and every flight so airlines know how full the plane will be as well as for security purposes. If you plan on only flying with one individual carrier they may have separate reward cards which make travel cheaper but you’ll still need a physical ticket for each flight.


and this?

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To my understanding that’s just like a rewards thing, more flexibility in changing flights last muinet, and cheaper fares, but not just board any flight…

Actually I don’t think you can eaven get past TSA without a specific boarding pass…

(Except at KPIT because we’re cool…)

Wait, you can get past TSA at KPIT without a boarding pass?!


I mean, I need a way for booking regional flights in a simple way

Just go to the airline’s website, select the place you want to go to from somewhere, select your desired flight, pay, and then you’re done!

Pretty simple if you ask me

It’s a prepaid card but it depends on the length of your trip and such. They only sell them for 25,000+ flight miles I believe, so you’re better off booking individually. They are also for first class only, and are basically for those who travel often.

If you know exactly where you want to go and when you can book them all at once via the airlines website using the multi-city booking function. Or contact a travel agent and they can do it all for you and even sort hotels and transfers for you.

If you don’t know then book them individually as @BigBert10 said


Ya, there’s a program whare you can get a pass, it’s called something generic like “my PIT pass” or something, but they, added it so people can go “shopping…” Now I don’t know anyone who wants to drive 20 mins from downtown and then go through security to go shopping at Newport News, but it seems like most people use it to meet people at the gate, or go plane spotting…

You still have to go through screening right? You just don’t need a boarding pass, right?

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Yep, the pass acts like a boarding pas for TSA, but everything else it the same…

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