Flying in the T6 Texan II

Found pictures from when I got to fly the standard military fixed wing trainer the T6 Texan II. 1,100 HP turboprop that was an absolute dream to fly.

Entry into a loop

Inverted in a loop

On the way back down.

They let me fly it a little while operating in a MOA. I did a Immelmann, barrel roll, and Immelmann+aileron roll+ split S. The PIC also showed me a spin which is where I started feeling sick πŸ˜… lost 5,000’ in 15 seconds. Did a few more maneuvers in a nearby city.


Man I hope I’ll be doing just that in about 5 years.

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Must’ve been an exhilarating ride to fly in one of those T-6’s. I love the turboprop roar the T-6 II makes too.

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Wow 🀩 I think it is a cool experience ☺️

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Hopefully! Just have to be competitive for a pilot slot.

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It’s a good sound for sure, not too loud but not quiet either

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I would have thrown up… every where. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚

Almost did 🀒

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