Flying in the pandemic is it good? | trip report

Hello everyone today I am writing this trip report flying during the pandemic, This flight was OMDB-OBBI, Dubai to Bahrain was it worth flying with Emirates, was it safe? Well here is my review!

Here is our flight right next to a Egyptair B737

Well today’s flight is a B777-300ER.

After like 20 minutes we started our pushback and started to taxi to runway 30L D: not 30R which was normal because OMDB/Dubai airport is using a single runway because there was no traffic I saw a few planes flying.

Now it’s time for a seat review! The seat was very nice and comfortable. Flight time was 40-50 Min at FL260 they give you headphones and a pillow which was very nice. (My photo skills are very good 😂)

And 10 min after takeoff we got a small snack from the cabin crew it was a turkey and cheese sandwich with a small slice of cake and a cup of water, it was good. The tray table was nice and clean but there was no use because the flight was very short.

And the food

And later we landed at OBBI in the new terminal but I forgot to take pictures of it 😂😂 so here is my review: The flight was very nice. The food was great. The landing was good. So is flying in the pandemic good? Well yes the aircraft is very clean and is always cleaned again after every flight with sanitizer and the crew are very helpful so I rate this flight 9/10.

Thank you all and goodbye!


Didn’t I see this yesterday?

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Yes but the other one was closed because everyone was just joking and not talking about the trip report

Lovely flight!!!

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