Flying In The Hurricane @ The Bahamas

I heard in @StormyAviation’ topic that there was a hurricane.
Right here vvvvv

So me, @Alec, and @Tsumia flew at MYNN (Lynden Pindling) with 80kt winds
Here’s screenshots


Route: MYNN (Lynden Pindling) - N/A
Aircraft: Air Austral A380
Server: Casual
Time: 16 minutes

Taking off runway grass


Well that was a quick topic 😂

It was quite fun!

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Yep, gotta post things ASAP

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I flew through that in Expert. Good thing this was on Casual 😂

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Only legends take the A380 in the hurricane😤


Only legends fly the A380.


Yay, I’m now a Legend! 👀

@Rolls as well.

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Realism at its finest 👀 looks like fun, how was the landing?

Cign :)

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Very… crashing!

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Must have been an interesting experience haha :) Great shots!


It really was :) Thank u

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Let’s take it to a vote:

Who wants @tunamkol to continue bumping old topics? 😭
  • Me!
  • Not me!

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Jokes aside, but please answer the poll, nice photos, very, erm, unique angles.

August was not my time.

Thanks 😊

Look how far you’ve come. Improvement 100.

I can thank ItsBlitz for his angles

Credit where it’s due, BigManBlitz got his shots down irl and in game.