Flying in the fast lane!

Keep getting caught up in a long line of mixed types on arrival at Class “B’s”. What happened to holding points and stacking with the lowest guy first. Keep getting run down in the red zone by heavies as I motor along in my GA Recip on the Playground!

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Your right on Junkey… As for me, I’m pretty far along on the learning curve and recognize the PIC is the final decision maker and the ATC’s are giving it there best. When i’m under positive control I tend to follow instructions in bizy airspace. My point, marshall the inbound at a holding point bring them down by the book. Keep the Heavies on the long runways, vector everybody else to the short ones where available. Long inbound line ups of mixed types is an incident breeder and bad juju. Don’t consider getting run down on approach a " missed" seems “going around” is more appropriate here and I use it frequently at KSAN that single runway speedway. Appreciate your feedback. Will try to be more concise in the future.
Regards, Max Sends.

Yeah it’s tough to fly big jets when there’s a 172 doing 60 on final. Hopefully ATC issues holds.