Flying in the @aviation6 streaming

Right now there’s a stream in YouTube made by @aviation6 on the training server and it’s a bit messy

The route is KATL-KJFK, started at 16:30Z and it’s still going on in the Training Server


Tbh it would suck trying to fly a route and have people swarming you :/


It’s a streaming, that’s the idea

“A bit” is an understatement I think…


Well he’s not trying to make people storm his flights by streaming he’s just a YouTuber making videos…

it might be 😂 😂

well we are 11 commercial planes, the Air Force One and 2 F-22 escorting us

I spawned at jfk just to see y’all! Taxi to gate was hilarious 😆😂

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yes I know, I was always inside him

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