Flying in southwest for the first time on Tuesday what to expect

On Tuesday I will be on Southwest flight 700 with service from Newark Liberty to Fort Lauderdale Hollywood airport the aircraft normally used is a Boeing 737-700 I have never flown with Southwest before so this will be new is there anything to expect.

I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures :)


Here’s some stuff you can look at. All in all, expect good service and hilarious flight attendants!

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Expect an emergency landing. They’ve had like 5 in the past three months.

I’m just joking, Their service is good and the FAs are always friendly.

Dude, your about to witness one of the best airlines in the world (opinion based) but they are so nice. One time, I got like 6 bags of little pretzels! Best air service (and butter landings) ever.

Lmao your talking about Ryanair. Except, 5 emergency landings per day!

No, Southwest has had around 5 incidents fairly recently.

Btw what does ‘lmao’ actually mean. I have no clue

Oh I didn’t realize. Lmao means Laugh my a$$ off. Didn’t want to actually swear… nice community

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Yeah, I would stay age-appropriate.

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Expect an average cabin (unless it’s brand new) but an excellent crew. Very friendly and willing to help with anything.

People talk about crew but not the actual flyers. Most of the customers of Southwest are civil,but on some routes some toddlers will be in the seat behind you and kick your seat the whole time(happend to me from KBWI to KOAK)

MY favorite airline
Your can pick any seat but watch for spiders they bite if you sit in the very back seats lol jk
I love it and I hope you do to

Southwest is the best! Basically everything is free including live tv streaming on ur devices. Super friendly and helpful crew. I promise you will have a good time with them!

@Justin0623 here’s a detailed review by Simply Aviation:

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Flown southwest once (it simply is confident for me) and they are amazing. You get treated very well for what you most likely payed for the flight.

Well that happens on every airline ever created so.

@anon66442947 may try and tell you they’re bad, but don’t listen to him, he’s just a grumpy old man.

Southwest is arguably one of the best U.S. airlines out there. Probably the only thing I would improve on is that their seatbacks don’t have TV’s, but to make up for that, you can bring your own device(s), connect to SouthwestWifi for free, and get TV. They have great service, and are almost always willing to go above and beyond. In my 12 times of flying them, I’ve never had a bad experience (except for a lengthy weather delay).

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Expect not to have an assigned seat


Thanks guys going to try to get there early and get a window seat 💺

Getting to the airport early is not going to allow you to board earlier.

Think he means get to the gate early