Flying in pattern

Can someone please briefly describe pattern flying? Ie: altitude , speed, etc. and the idea behind this. ✈️

~1000 or 1200 feet, ans the speed depends of your aircraft!

You’re basically taking off, turning left or right 180º (left or right pattern) and that will put you opposite of the runway’s direction (downwind). Once you have gone downwind for a minute or so you will “turn base” which means you turn 90º towards the runway (left if you’re in the left traffic, right if you’re in the right traffic). To intercept the glidescope, turn another 90º in the same direction as before and line yourself up with the runway. Then descend down like you would on final, do a touch-and-go, and continue doing the same thing.

Typical pattern ALT is like 3000ft Above airport level

Pattern altitude is normally 1,000 AGL at most U.S. airports.

One maneuver a lot of pilots are taught with the Cessna 172 is an accuracy landing. Once you are parallel with the end of the runway on downwind chop the throttle and try to hit the numbers. Control your descent with flaps.

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Altitude-wise, 1000 ft AGL tends to be standard for GA aircraft. Jet rules vary, from what I’ve seen in the 2000-3000 range, but I’m not 100% on the exact figures.