Flying in Paradise

Today I did a group flight with @IF787 through the islands of Hawaii. We visited four islands, Kaua’i, Oah’u, Molokai, and Maui. There were many beautiful sights, as expected in Hawai’i, so I hope you enjoy!

Time: about 1:15
Server: Expert

Parked at PHBK on Kaua’i’s western coast.

With me in the lead, we rotate out of Kaua’i with our first destination being the busy Honolulu International.

Here is a view from our cruise looking down on the lush green mountains of Oah’u.

On final runway 4R at PHNL.

Taxiing right behind my IFATC recruiter, @RTG113, on the way to parking. Hi Rocco!

With our first stop completed, we depart to Molokai with me following this time.

A picture from my cabin after the second leg of our journey was completed.

Back up in the air now with me in the lead again! Here is a shot of the stunning cliffs of Molokai.

On left downwind runway 2 at Kahului, Maui, we get to skim the foothills of the mountain that caused a bit of a flight plan deviation.

Finally parked at Kahului after a very fun and beautiful journey through the islands of Hawaii.

I hope you enjoyed!

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It was an amazing flight!

Hey cool pictures!
I was departing OGG and had to hold at 7,000 until passing you 😂

Yeah, I saw you there lol. Glad you liked the pictures :)

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Let me know when you are flying again. @IF787 and @Captain-787 I would like to join you.

That was so amazing!

@AviatorDimitrisYT Thanks!
@Zhopkins I absolutely will :)