Flying in Denver, CO region

Feel free to discuss what flying in this thin air IF region is like. Aircraft performance, etc are all fair game.


I like the mountain, and Denver has some realistic routes.


At cruise altitude it’s just about the same as anywhere else.

Outside air temperature can be a factor but that really only matters in the extremes.


I cN tell you it’s Frontier VAs hub. The scenery is jaw dropping. and you’ll find good amounts of their pilots flying the skies. Like said previously, it actually also holds realistic routes. I’ve seen flights on flightradar from Aspen to Denver which is a flight I do almost every night


It’s cool! Getting to cruise is easier since you’re taking off from a higher altitude. Reaching 10,000 Ft takes no time.

Beyond that, there as plenty of great things. It can be more challenging since weather conditions can be rough (with heat, cold, thin air, high winds etc) but the scenery is beautiful and there are so many great airports.

I am a little biased since I am from Denver, but the region is great. Have fun!


Thanks guys for the awesome insight. I’ve actually flown from academy airfield in real life, several times. Beautiful place to fly around in especially during the winter months when the front range is all snow topped.

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