Flying in Antarctica


Hey guys, I’m quite bored so I’m flying in Antarctica on the training server right now… I will be online for 30-45 more minutes so if you would want to fly around with me please join! ICAO code is NZIR my call sign is Swiss001


Please don’t use that callsign if you’re not the real one, otherwise, I’ll see if I can find you :)


Hey we got a new group flights category for this which you will need to use the format on their. Use #live:groupflights instead of #live for all of these future group flight request


Oh cool! Thanks!


Just having some fun you know;)


I can understand why someone doesn’t want to make a whole event just for 30 minutes when they’re already flying :)


I’m not making an event, I’m just flying around for fun and I want you guys to join me :)


You still flying?


Not anymore, but may be tomorrow😉


Hey guys! I might be flying in TNCM today later…