Flying in and out of London City Airport

Hey guys,

you might be wondering if I accidentally chose the wrong category for my next topic but in fact this is not a spotting topic for a change (shocking, I know 👀). As you probably know I’ve been to London recently to attend the IF Meetup at Heathrow. The crazy plane nerd I am, I didn’t choose a direct flight to Heathrow where my hotel was located, but a flight to the heart of London - to London City Airport (EGLC/LCY). The reason for that obviously was the special airport London City is. On top of that, the inflight experience of BA CityFlyer was extremely enjoyable as well but that wasn’t the actual reason to choose the flights to City, especially since the great performance of the BA subsidiary came kinda surprising for me. Free food and drinks plus amazing legroom for a 1.95m guy wasn’t something I had expected from British Airways (or its CityFlyer branch).

The takeoff from Munich wasn’t extremely spectacular but at least offered a nice plane variety on the ground. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

Likely the most popular part of the video series: The steep approach into London. Starting at the coast of the English channel (@AdamCallow :P), the approach followed the Thames river straight into runway 27. Typically British, parts of the approach led straight through some thick clouds. Eventually, the landing was surprisingly soft in contrast to some other landings you might see at the short runway in the middle of the old docks (Looking at you @Cameron).

Two days later, it was time to go back home with a departure that was at least as spectacular as the approach. Join me for the wing view from seat 21D, passing almost all of the parked planes at the small field of London City, a quick back taxi and a steep climb with a turn showing off London’s Olympic Park, London City Airport, the O2 and some nice perspectives of the suburbs and the Thames.

Finally, the approach into Munich was kinda nice to watch as well. Initially I hadn’t planned to record that approach since I expected the landing to be way too dark and not spectacular at all. The weather and time of day however made for a nice play of light during the approach starting off with some beautiful cloudsurfing during sunset.

I hope you like the views I provided and are not too disappointed this wasn’t another spotting topics. These will come back for sure as well, but for today I’ll stick to the videos. I actually still have quite a number of videos saved on my hard drive and I really want to finally process my on board recording of one of the last flights of Lufthansa’s Ju-52 (D-AQUI) from last year. For some reason I couldn’t yet decide whether to just put the video online in full length or if I want to process it more with some skipped sections and highlighting some famous landmarks on that flight. Any opinions? 🤔


How was the airport? Is London City small and cramped?


Was already wondering when that post would come 😂

Looks nice!


Really nice Love this got it bookmarked too. Nice steep takeoffs. Also you could immediately tell you were in UK with the clouds 😁

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The engine start sounds nicer than expected!

Also the landing is quite cool :)

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London City was actually very nice to fly from, security was cleared within minutes. It was kinda crowded since i flew back on a Sunday evening but that was not impacting waiting times. Apart from that it’s a fantastic airport for avgeeks since you are extremely close to the planes, you board on foot and I guess the landing and takeoff speak for themselves.


Whoa! Some of that looks familiar 😉

Good change of pace here! Of course I love your spotting topics, but I like this too!

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Even from the terminal, those are nice photos 😂

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Hey if you dont mind telling me, how did you record all of this? I usually record these kind of videos with my phone but storage is a problem. Thanks in advance!

Nice videos btw I hope you enjoyed!

I’ve got a GoPro Hero 6 I stick to the window with a suction cup :)

I landed at LCY about 10 mins before Moritz… my landing was slightly less soft…


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