Flying IF on IPhone 6 Plus

Anyone experience bad lagging and phone got hot easily when flying with iPhone 6 Plus?

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Runs smoothly. Setting Airplane Count Low. All graphics settings high.
Anti-Aliasing on. No problems so far.

Greeting Mario

Holy crap! I thought I was the only one, this happens to me all the time especially during take-off, and landing (if heavy traffic is there). Also my phone tends to get really hot!

This is weird because it doesn’t happen on my iPhone 6, but it happens on my iPhone 6+

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Quick question Mario, how long are you usual flying? B/c I end up putting all the settings low, and I still have this problem! Which is quite funny considering that it doesn’t happen on the iPhone 6 which is less powerful than the 6+

I’ve tried but no luck…

It works smooth in my iPhone 5s. Let me try changing the settings.

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Yeah I think it’s only the problem with 6+ cause it has more screen real estate to work with. I’m thinking this could be the case b/c so far my iPhone 6, and my 5 are working great, but the have less screen size to push pixels.

It depends all on the advanced settings of the App.
Unfortunately even on high end devices Infinite Flight lags…

There’s not much to do if the phone overheats.
I have the same problem on my iPhone 6 when using heavy softwares.
Close other Apps in background and avoid using cellular data.

I have no problem at all.

Best, Boeing707

Ur using 6+ right? If so may I see your settings? B/c it’s not that it’s overheating just tremendous lag even on the lowest possible setting with airplane mode on and background apps off :frowning:

I put on a case cause it gets too hot sometimes lol! A pilot must always fly lolol

Yes. It may have something to do with how your options are adjusted. I just switched to my iPad lol

I have no problem flying with my IPad too. :smile:

Ran live at KSAN on LTE yesterday. Not only was it lagging (10+aircraft/12 FPS max), it was too hot to handle as well on iPhone 6. To be fair, everything was set on High and Very High, so theres that.

Hey Danny ! Sorry for the late reply, but I have a problem with the time change, it is now 7:40 in the morning. Sometimes, I fly a few hours (at work :grin: ), with AP course. Only if someone calls me then the device crashes. If that would not happen, I would have probably been hundreds of thousands of flight hours, how annoying. Before I had the iPhone, I had a Galaxy S4 with 1.7 gigabytes of memory, the iPhone 6+
has only 1 gigabyte of memory, but the performance is much better than with the Galaxy. With the iPhone, it runs much better. I had the choice between a Galaxy S6 with 3 gigabytes of RAM or the Iphone 6+. Decided I signed up for the iPhone, because of size and because it’s just fine! Of course, I close before all apps.
I think it also has something intervention with the Internet connection. When I fly at work in the office (oops! :grimacing: ) I also sometimes have problems because I there a very slow Wi-Fi connection. Home with LTE connection it runs flawlessly. Maybe it has something to do with it?

I hope it was a little helpful.

Greetings from Germany, 50 degrees F. :santa: :umbrella: :snowflake: :snowman:
Where’s the summer?

It’s not even snowing lol. A little rain here and there, better than the 100+ degrees F in Texas!

The same right here. Iphone 6+ heats up very fast. I had noticed that the heating problem is much faster if Im flying IF on my 6+ without a case ( naked ). At first I thought it would be a good way to reduce the heat, so I took my case off. When the heating became worse I knew I was totally wrong. I forgot that our body heats may also contributes some points to the problem so to handle it with my barehands was a failure.

And I also noticed that the heating rate is almost the same no matter if i push the audio to my airspeaker or if i just using the iphone’s speaker when flying IF. But a bit better while using headsets.

Just sharing my personal experience hope it helps a bit.


This doesn’t happen on my iPhone 6 but sometimes it can overheat.