Flying Hour

hi.what is your flying hour in IF? mine is 1.4 something

43 hours
And 30 min

31H and 22MN

Mine is 61 hours and 41mins

128 hours live flight time

147hr 22min

108 hours, with almost 1000 landings.

How do you know how much landings you have done ??

There is a flight tracker website where you can see yourself on the map and it gives you that info. I think its just join a region and go look for yourself.

Orr right thanks :)

Should be around 350 hours.

338hr 31mn

so…I get the lowest flight our here? -sad-

Fly more and then you will gain the hours and XP

the problem is my live subscription just ended few minutes can I continue

I have about 180 hours.

To continue you just gotta buy another subscription:) and I have only got 17 hours XD