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Hiya! Welcome back to another of my screenshots…

Today brought me non-va from London to Kerry, my home airport. Here’s a bit about the flight and airports:)

London Stansted airport is located 70 kilometers northeast from London and serves as a hub for many low-cost European airlines, with over 200 destinations across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Stansed is one of Ryanair’s big hubs, with the airline operating 130 destinations all over Europe.
Stansted opened in 1943, serving as an airfield and maintenance center for the Royal Air Force and the United States Army Forces.
After WWII, Stansted was used for the RAF’s aircraft storage, and housed German prisoners of war. In the 1960s through 1980s, the airfield was used by the Fire Service Training School, otherwise known as FSTS.
In the early 1990s, the first long-haul service started, flying to and from Chicago O’Hare, operated by American Airlines. Later, this route was withdrawn.
Long-haul transatlantic rotations started up again in 2010, when Sun Country Airlines announced a once weekly seasonal operation to Minneapolis.

Kerry Airport, otherwise known as Farranfore Regional, is what I consider my home airport, and it is always a pleasure flying there. Here’s some information.
Kerry airport was first only a grass strip, with only very light aircraft being capable of landing at the airfield. There was only private aviation traffic operating from the small airfield, with every now and then there being a cargo or charter flight.
Kerry airport always used to have problems with cows wandering onto the runway, causing some traffic to go around or divert.
Kerry airport sometimes held small airshows, where the locals of Farranfore, Killarney and Tralee would come along with their families to take a look.
Due to increasing demand, Kerry airport’s runway was upgraded to have advanced runway lighting and Instrument Landing System installed. The runway upgrade was completed on schedule, where the first scheduled commercial flight took place on May 22nd, 1989, operated by Aer Lingus from Dublin Intl, with Ryanair starting rotations from London Stansted one day later.
Ever since, Aer Lingus have continued their operations to and from Dublin, and Ryanair continuing the original route, plus adding a few seasonal routes to Spain.

Now for the flight:

Flight Details
General Information

Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Livery: Ryanair
Aircraft registration:
Route: EGSS - EIKY
Flight number: FR701
Callsign: EI-ROS
Flight time: 1:08
Distance: 392nm

Airport Information

Departure airport: EGSS - London Stansted
Departure runway: 22
Arrival airport: EIKY - Farranfore Regional
Arrival runway: 26


Starting/block fuel: 6000kgs - 13227lbs

Flight plan


Enjoy the shots!

Rotating out of London Stansted’s rwy 22 at 148kts

After just about one and a half minutes of flying, we turn to follow the flight plan to Kerry

Putting the gear down on final approach at Kerry Farranfore’s rwy 26, with the Gap of Dunloe showing in the background

Just about to touch down, with the Slieve Mish mountain range providing a stunning backdrop. Tralee is just beyond those mountains.

I really hope you enjoyed the pictures, what was your favourite one?

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Stay safe and ever so healthy


Very nice photos Rian!

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The third picture is my favourite. Kerry Airport is rather small and one very interesting airport to visit. Kerry is located next to the Magillycuddy’s reeks mountain range which is one of the most beautiful places to fly around in Ireland.

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I love how organized your screenshot topics are.

Keep up the amazing work!

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Great to get a glimpse into your flight home. Wondering background, flight details and photos. Number 1 for me.

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I lowkey thought you forgot to upload your pics seeing how long that text was above haha…Great Shots!


Great photos Rian, like the detail put into the backstory of these photos too.

Are you sure it’s a non-VA flight 👀

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Thanks Luke!

Thanks Kuba! It is indeed amazing to fly’s round there, especially through the gap of dunloe😍

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed this:D

You can never beat flying home, there’s always a different kick to it:)

Hahaha 😂, thanks so much! I do usually get a bit carried away with the information…

Thanks Vinne! 👀 👀 🤫


Very nice Rian!

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Thanks very much Luke:D

Nice pics! You saw me. Kerry is nice but the jersey isn’t.

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Hiya Hugh, thanks very much! Maybe we should talk this out before it escalates heavily…

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What? The green and yellow just doesn’t work!

Great photos Rian!!

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Let’s settle this in discord

Thanks so much! Good luck with becoming an ATC Officer;)


I just have one question… how was the landing?

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Hahaha, landing was fine😂
738 are kinda eat to land anyways…

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Since when could you eat landings Rian? Oh wait, I guess you could eat them if they were grease/butter (whichever you prefer).

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Nice photos! How was the landing?

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Oops, I meant easy 😂

The landing was fine, as meantime’s above😂

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