Flying half Japan on an ANA 772

Route: RJCC - RJTT
Flight: NH56
Server: Expert
Flight time: 1h36

Open to hear every type of comment :)

  1. Beginning boarding

  2. Entering RWY 01L

  3. Blasting off!

  4. Banking just after take off, en route to RJTT

  5. Admiring the sky at 40,000 ft

  6. Descending, with Tokyo at 2 o’clock

  7. Turning base for RWY 16L

  8. Moments before landing while a JAL B772 departs RWY16R

  9. One final glance at this flying art masterpiece

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Looks like a nice flight, and great shots! ANA definitely has to be one of my favourite liveries next to air Canada.

Also, just a heads up, I’d recommend removing the indent on your posts as on mobile phones they are positioned weirdly due to small screens.

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Those are indeed some of the most beautiful liveries out there!

Noted, thx

I REALLY like this photo! It looks cool looking down the runway!

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It looks like you had a great flight!
Great photos!

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