Flying guide recommendations needed

I’ve recently been using the user guide in order to grasp a better understanding of IF. However, I’d sometimes forget key components and would have to stop my flight and take another look. Any advice on how to keep track of the info given? Would you recommend I use notes or something else along those lines?

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What kind of info are we talking about here?

Say like ATC instructions, or how to descend (I think that’s what it’s called, can’t remember)

I personally don’t note any of those down.

With ATC instructions, I recommend you do them as the ATC is saying them.

But if you forget (which happens me to me) there is a great tip:

If you double tap the ATC log in flight it will show you only the messages between you an the ATC!

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Okay, Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind! :)

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If you have another device available to you, I find it extremely helpful in case I need to check something such as what runway a specific airport is using, predicted weather at the arrival airport, ideal winds etc. I usually will have FR24, maps and charts of the departure and arrival airports, and other key information for the flight active at all times on another device.

If you don’t have another device available to you, you could take notes on some of the information you may find yourself forgetting, such as ATC instructions.

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Thank you! I’ll try to use these tips as well! :D

You can make your own checklists to refer to in case you forget something.
You can also check this topic to get some checklists made by another fellow forum member. They covered things to do during critical phases of flight.


Thank you so much! I’ll use this! :)

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