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Hello IFC world. Are there any groups out there that like to fly together on a regular basis? I enjoy all of these group flights but my problem is I am a 3rd shift (Night shift) Aircraft mechanic that works weekends so I end up missing most of them:( If there are any groups out their that fly together on a regular basis. If so, I would love to join!!


I’d do a group flight every now and then just by myself 🙃

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Yeah but I don’t have the popularity on here to set up one. I think it would be cool to have like a regular group of people kind of like ifga

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I have a private flying group with @Ignas04, @Ondrej, and @LongHaulGuy. Just a few in the group, we love having new people join, the more the merrier.

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Do you fly anytime or just on weekends?

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thank you I will!

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Anytime we can. Normally we get one a week. It ranges from 2 people to 5 sometimes.

when is the next one?

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It depends. It could be tomorrow, it could be Friday. It depends when we’re available and if we like the flight idea.

There is a VO being made by @MaxedOut. I don’t know if that is what you are looking for exactly. I would ask Max.

i feel dumb but what is vo


Id suggest checking out a virtual airline. Many of us do group flights all the time

VO: Virtual Organization.

ok how do i find a va

Here is a link to the ifvarb database that contains their information

Being a part of several very active VA’s, there’s tons of active group flights and people to fly with all the time.

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ok thanks!!!

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