Flying group

Hi all aviation fans…

Im kinda can be considered newbie so mind me and I am totally new to forums :D

I fly b777 singapore airlines on infinite flight. I just want to know how do I make friends and we could flight together and maybe you can teach me too! I would appreciate if we could setup a app that we can text each other! It feels really boring if im only flying alone :(

A lot of users use Discord to talk and text with other IF users. First, follow the tutorial videos that have been provided here to become acclimated and competent with IF. After that I would suggest joining a VA, or be as active a member of the IF community in order to connect with other IF users. Good luck, welcome to the community, happy flying!

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Discord or Slack would be your best bet for communications. If you spot any community members on live then try contact them here on the forum, and see if they’d like to fly with you :)

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This is a very welcoming community, you won’t have any trouble finding people to fly with you.

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Hey use Skype we can talk to each other at the same time

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Welcome to the Community! You won’t regret it. If you want to fly with others, you need a subscription to Live or Live +. Live is $5 for one month and Live + is $50 for a year and this includes all planes and regions. You can organise a Discord server or a Slack channel to communicate with other peoplee. Most Virtual Airlines use these to organize flights and as a main hub of operations.


Yes , i bought live to fly online :)

How do i send you a private message?

You press on the profile photo then click message :) We should fly together sometime

When i press your profile pic nothing comes out?

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It’s due to you being a new user , once you reach basic status ( TL1) then you are able to send messages to other users. Just keep liking posts and commenting and you will get there in a day or so. Also I will be your friend and flying partner :)

TL0- New User
TL1 - Basic
TL2 - Member
TL3 - Regular


I would always be happy to fly with thee.


Same here! Along with many other members :)


Yes please!!!

I will happily fly with you whenever you want @Hail777.

Can we add on discord?? i cant pm u now… cos im new user

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Yeah sure, what’s your discord?

Add me , mine is Hail777

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What is your discord tag? eg. #0502

#8706 my bad haha