Flying gliders!

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic and staying safe. I have been quarantining myself to a couple gliders! The yellow bird is a Schweizer 1-36, the blue bird is a Schweizer 1-26, and last but not least the white one is a Blantik L-23. personally I love flying all of them! They are amazing and currently since my glider solo on my 14th bday last January I’ve been building PIC time!! If anyone has any questions or comments ab gliders I’ll be more than happy to answer. I fly them out of Zephyrhills Florida (KZPH). My club is Tampa Bay Soaring Society, we have 2 tow planes that include a Cessna 175 and a Piper Pawnee!



Pretty planes! How’s your club been managing with social distancing measures and all?

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They are doing the standard social distancing rules, also it’s mandatory that you clean the glider that you use it( like the cockpit ), and a bunch of other stuff considering that 95% of the club is older pilots.

That’s awesome! I’d love to fly a glider one day.

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Come on out! Guest rides are starting back up on June 1st. I’d love to see you out there

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If I do I’ll let ya know! I’ve got a place a few hours away in Highland Beach!

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Sounds similar to us. Glad you’re able to get in the air!

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Yea I love it!

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