Flying from Tokyo - Los Angeles aboard ANA!

Hello Infinite Flight Community! Earlier, I decided to fly From Tokyo to Los Angeles on ANA’s 787-9. It was a great flight, and was my first Pacific-crossing long haul. I hope you enjoy some of the photos I’ve managed to capture from this flight!

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Aircraft: 787-9
Flight time: 9:40

Making my flight plan while parked at the gate

Beginning my taxi to 16R

Liftoff with the tower in the background!

A nice moon shot as I climb to cruise

Leaving the land of the rising sun…as the sun rises

Cruisin’ along

My first sighting of land after successfully crossing the Pacific!

Decending into Los Angeles


Please let me know which one was your favorite down below. Have a great rest of your day!

Which was your favorite?

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Great shots my friend!

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Coincidence… I Think NOT

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Great shots! If only I had landed a few hours later… could have had some issues when we landed

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