Flying from the Hornet's Nest to the Mermaid's Grotto

American Airlines has a hub at Charlotte, the Hornet’s Nest city - a ‘hornet’s nest’ of revolutionaries during the War of Independence. It’s where American Airlines connects outlying airports to the rest of its expansive route network. Norfolk, one of those outlying airports, is the city of mermaids, with over 300 bronze statues and countless more painted and placed around. This flight - Charlotte to Norfolk - is a very important one for the Hampton Roads region. It’s one of my favorites to do.

Flight Details

Airline: American
Airplane: A320-200
Server: expert
Flight Time: 1 hour and 2 minutes

Parked at gate B13 at Charlotte, getting ready to pushback

Takeoff on runway 18C at Charlotte

Banking east towards Norfolk with a view of Charlotte and the airport

On the approach to Norfolk over the Elizabeth River, with the Lafayette ahead to the left

About to touch down for a windy, but fairly smooth, landing on Runway 5 at Norfolk

Parked at Gate A01 at Norfolk, about to keep going to Philly

It’s a route I’d absolutely recommend you try, and you might catch me flying it on your way.


Looks like a very nice route! Nice job on the pictures too 👍

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Thanks! It’s really scenic, and there’s something special about flying home.

The 2nd picture is a little wired… the nose 😂

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Great photos! Charlotte is awesome, and I approve of your route choice. 😂

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I kind of like that angle on the nose… Thanks!

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Absolutely! It’s a great airport to fly out of.