Flying from Oslo to Gatwick this Afternoon!

I personally don’t think that’s a good airport

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This rule is definitely not ‘crap’. Most airline policies strictly forbid inflight cockpit visits. A few still allow the captain to decide whether he accepts a visit. And from my own experience, many factors come into account to decide that: length of the flight, age of the visitor, qualification of the visitor (if you can prove you’re a pilot, it helps), and obviously crew workload (don’t ask right before starting the descent…).

When a passenger asks to sit on the right seat (during flight tours), I usually say no unless he is older than 15/16, looks interested in aviation and doesn’t seem to be scared by planes.


You clearly are not getting my point. From my personal experience, NEARLY EVERY SINGLE FLIGHT I asked to visit the cockpit I was allowed, hence from MY personal experience, this rule is very vague.

Norwegian Air International is based in Ireland so they can avoid EU restrictions.

nothing is bad its just the other london ones are better

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Do it after the flight. I did one in the us and it was fine. Just ask the flight attendants when disembarking and also wait until the other passengers left

But Norway isn’t even in the EU anyway?

Yes, that’s why they get EU restrictions.

For god sake quit arguing if you can or can’t… @Aircraft19 I suggest you ask, there will be no harm even if they say no.

Wait nevermind, I get it. Forgot it was the other way around.

Gatwick is fine… And Heathrow.
Never been to Luton, Stansted or City :/

I have only recently been to Heathrow and it was actually really good with no waiting or delays in fact it was better then Doha Hamad international airport we’ve though it’s considered one of the best and it was terminal 4 not even the best terminal

Well said and better presented!

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I did ask, they said no. If you check out the latest video on my channel, there’s a quick look at the flight deck from the LGW-OSL flight

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