Flying from Manchester, NH to San Jose, CA

Hello everyone!
I don’t normally do Transcontinental flights, mainly because I don’t have the motivation to do it, but today, I did a flight from my hometown of Manchester, NH, to @BigBert10’s favorite airport, San Jose, CA!

Flight Synopsis

I “Chartered” an Omni Air DC-10-30ER for a flight to San Jose, CA. It was to fly to SJC for a VA I run, as a DC-10 at SJC had to undergo maintenance, so we chartered one to SJC for a flight to Sydney, Australia, which i may or may not do (again, motivation).
Working the DC-10 at Gate 4 in Manchesterimage
“Gate” shot of the DC-10
Taken on board somewhere in the Midwest
landed in San Jose, California after a 5hr 8min Flight.
Front side shot in the afternoon sunset
@BigBert10 watched me taxi to the gate.

Hope to do another trans-con flight again soon. Using SJC is a lot better than SFO, as it’s easy to navigate since most of the Gates are right there.


That’s not San Juan 😂

Nice pics :)

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Autocorrected lol, I’ll change it

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Of course SJC is better than SFO! Nice to see you came to my home airport :)

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I guess I tend to use SJC a lot more than SFO. Not sure why.

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You’re now friends with @GlobalFlyer1 and @BigBert10, as you use their home airport frequently.

I personally find KOAK the most fun.