Flying from Madeira to Lisbon | A320-200 TAP

A flight in the pilot’s view, follow:

Look! A drone captured our aircraft being treated by ground services!

At this point, I had just completed the entire checklist and prepared the aircraft for takeoff, so I requested authorization for pushback and we started.

After the pushback, I requested authorization to taxi to runway 21.

We taxied and lined up on the runway, finally received authorization for takeoff and left for Lisbon!

We had the presence of a spotter, he captured our takeoff and sent me this photo by email!

At this moment we were level at flight level FL360, we stopped for a quick snack while the aircraft flew on autopilot, but we returned quickly, as there were 24 minutes left for the TOD.

At this point, we had just crossed the south pacific ocean, I was seeing the runway, I had to concentrate for landing!

Wow, amazingly we had a spotter present in Lisbon too! He did this incredible capture of my smooth landing. 😍

We taxied to the Gate, and turned off the aircraft.

Thank you to everyone who has seen this far!

Comment which was your favorite photo. 🥳


I like the 10th photo!

I advise in future if you are going to post pictures as an airport editor, you should turn off the ability to see WIP airports as to not accidentally leak airports that have not been announced and are being worked on as a surprise/ secret.