Flying from London to Melbourne in 24 hours!

This goes to show how far Aviation and humanity has come as a whole. The ability to fly from basically one side of the world to the other in a single day is truly staggering!
Here are some photos from two flights that I have done over the course of 24 hours (including sleep), and I hope you like them!

Flight Information:
-Airline: Cathay Pacific
-Aircraft: B777-300ER
-Flight time: 11hrs 18min

^^ Wheels up as we say goodbye to London!

^^ Cruising over some mountains in Central Asia…

^^ Turning final for Runway 07L at HKG.

^^ A silhouette of our aircraft landing during sunrise at HKG.

Flight Information: (2)
-Airline: Cathay Pacific
-Aircraft: Airbus A330-300
-Flight time: 08hrs 36min

^^ Saying goodbye to Hong Kong for the 8 and a half hour trek to my home city, Melbourne!

^^ Minutes before touchdown at Runway 34 at Melbourne with the moon trying to poke out through the clouds. (Not a surprising occurrence in Melbourne)


Beautiful pictures!

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Thank you!

Lovely! The pictures are fab

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Thank you very much!

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