Flying from LA to Las Vegas

1) Background to the photos
Today I made the decision to fly from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. This was my first flight that went out of state, and was very stressful. All in all, a good flight. This is my first topic, so I hope I did this correctly. If I’m not the right Trust level or posted in the wrong topic, please notify me! :)

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Flight info:
Server: Casual
Time: around an hour (estimated)
Aircraft: Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700

3) Photos

Departing KLAX as scheduled

Somewhere over Nevada cruising at 28,000 ft

Descending into Las Vegas

Parallel landing into KLAS with a United 757-200

Arriving at the gate and powering off.


Very nice photos @N908QD

Thank you! Glad you like them!

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Nice shot’s!

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Thank you!

I see Vegas I click.

Epic shots!

Thank you so much!

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Nice simultaneous approach

Thank you!

Actually before you load the replay and take screenshots, there is a flight time for every flight in the Replays log. :)
Great job!

Cool! Thanks for the tip!

Amazing Shots Man!!

did you grease that landing?

Thank you! Glad you like them!

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Eh, sort of. Not really. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good either. 😂

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