Flying from KLAX to YSSY

Currently about to takeoff enroute to Sydney, does anybody want to be my escort when it comes time to land in Sydney.


Aircraft: A380
Call sign: QFA18
Display Name: Qantas Airlines
Server: Free Flight Server

Find me on LiveFlight !

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You cannot land in another region all us ee is other planes

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thats why i need an escort that i can follow to lead me to the runway

You wouldnt see a runway but you would touch down but habe no idea where to go

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ill just touchdown and then end the flight :)

Have you finished this? Couldn’t see you on LiveFlight.

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@cbouloy @hubandspoke1 @SkyHawk…i just finish flying there…took me about 12hrs 34mins in B777-300ER…take a look


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